Agro-food industry

Agro-food industry

A highly specialized strategic environment

The Agro-Food sector is a key economic sector for the Aquitania-Basque Country-Navarre Euroregion.
Their three Smart Specialization Strategies incorporate it between their Thematic Priorities and Opportunity Niches

This regional strategic bet is reflected in a dynamic business sector grouped by various Clusters:

NAVARRE AGRO-FOOD CLUSTER. Groups more than 30 product transformation companies (canned vegetables, frozen, lacteal, bread making, meat and oil products) plus companies and agents that provide training, technological and environmental services.

AGRI SUD-OUEST INNOVATION: Recognized by the French Nation, this is the “Southwest agriculture and agro-industrial competitiveness pole” and it groups the main actors and companies from the regions of Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrénées.

UZTARTU CLUSTER: (Basque Country´s Agro-Food Cluster) formed by sector´s primary producers, transformation companies and other agents.

BASQUE COUNTRY´S FOOD CLUSTER: groups exactly 72 companies placed in the Basque Country that work on the primary sector, transformation, distribution and other related services.

Navarre´s Agro-Food Industry: Tradition and Reality

The climatic and territorial diversity of the Foral Region of Navarre has favored a rich and vary food production. Consequently, a powerful industrial sector grew and developed a valuable ecosystem.


The Public University of Navarre (UPNA) offers the degree of Agro-Food, Rural Area, Food Products and Processes Innovation Engineering while the University of Navarre (UNAV) offers degrees in Nutrition, Biology, Biochemistry and Chemistry.

This guarantees the availability of highly skilled workers.


The Foral Region of Navarre has various highlighting agents such as:

  • IdAB – Agro-biotechnology Institute promoted by the Public University of Navarre (UPNA) and CSIC, works in the areas of “molecular biology”, “genetics engineering”, “biochemistry” and “metabolomics”
  • CNTA. National Centre for Technology and Food Safety. More than 100 professionals developing research work and providing advance technological services for the Agro-Food sector.
  • INTIA. Institute for Agro-Food Infrastructures and Technologies of Navarre.
    Navarre Governments’ public society has the mission of researching and transferring of knowledge to the primary sector´s and Agro-Food Industry´s professionals.

This researching ecosystem offers the companies placed in the Lekaroz Business Campus the opportunity to participate on high level R&D projects in collaboration with the previously mentioned centers and the two universities..


Beforehand, we said that the Agro-Food Industry in Navarre has become a powerful one. Between all of the companies that are placed in Navarre GRUPO AN (Grupo Cooperativo líder a nivel nacional en cereales y destacado en frutas y hortaliza y avícola,
(this is a nationwide leader Cooperative Group in cereals production, transformation and distribution as well as highlighting cooperative in other products like fruits, vegetables and poultry) and VISCOFAN (worldwide leader in the production and commercialization of collagen, cellulose and plastics covering for meat products) are the most important ones.

Following these, there are a lot of companies settled in Navarre that are leaders in their respective sub-sectors (Ultracongelados Virto, Congelados de Navarra, BERLYS, UVESA, FLORETTE, GENERAL MILLS, IAN…), as well as Agro-Food Industry´s services and technology companies (Manufacturers of transformation machinery, laboratories, engineerings…).

The Society for the Development of Navarre (SODENA) has recently started ORIZONT an Agro-Food sector´s Business Project Accelerator initiative. Through this tool it provides financial support (grants + participative loans) and counselling during the first stages of the business projects.

SODENA has also available other financial tools (providing services in order to search partners, capital risk, loans…) to support the development of the projects that are taking place in Navarre.

This regional ecosystem offers the company that is placed in the Lekaroz Business Campus the opportunity to create and develop projects hand in hand with companies stablished in Navarre (potential clients, suppliers, collaborators…) and obtain specialized financing for the development of your projects.

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