A highly specialized strategic environment

The Bio-Health sector is a priority economic sector for the Aquitaine–Basque Country–Navarre Euroregion, as shown in their Smart Specialization Strategies (S3). In Navarre´s S3, ‘Health’ is one of  the 6 Thematic Priorities. Meanwhile, in the Basque Country, ‘Biosciences’ is considered to be one of the key enabling technologies with ‘Industry Science’ and ‘Aging and Health’ as market priorities and, finally, in the Aquitanian region the ‘Intelligent release of active ingredients for aging and health’ and the ‘integrated care processes and patient care techniques’ are between its thematic priorities.

This regional strategic bet is reflected in a dynamic business sector grouped by various Clusters:

TIC SANTE CLUSTER Groups more than 80 companies that offers TIC solutions in the areas of hospital management, telemedicine and health data management.

GIPSO (Groupement des industries Pharmaceutiques et de Santé du Sud-Ouest) Formed by more than 60 pharma, cosmetic, research and medical devices sub-sector´s companies.

BASQUE BIOCLUSTER Around 30 Basque companies working on the applied biotechnology for human and animal health, cosmetic and diagnostics are part of it.

Navarre, a natural Cluster

The Foral region of Navarre is known for its high quality public and private healthcare services. At an assistance level, the University Clinic of Navarre (CUN) highlights for its capacity to attract numerous patients from other countries. Also, located just across the street from the CUN, you will find the Hospital Complex of Navarre, which constitutes the biggest public hospital of the region.


Regarding to Higher Education, the University of Navarre (UNAV) offers the degrees of Medicine, Pharmacy, Nutrition, Nursing, Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry and Biomedical Engineering, while Public University of Navarre (UPNA) offers Nursing and Physiotherapy.

This guarantees the availability of highly skilled workers.


Alongside with both Universities, there are also two remarkable institutions that research in the Health area

  • CIMA. Applied Medicine Research Center Owned by the University of Navarre (UNAV), it has more than 300 researchers from 20 different countries
  • NAVARRABIOMED. Biomedical Research Center of Navarre Government´s Health Service. Concentrates the clinic and health research of the Public Health Complex.

This researching ecosystem offers the companies placed in the Lekaroz Business Campus the opportunity to participate on high level R&D projects in collaboration with the previously mentioned centers and universities.


A company called CINFA highlights over the rest in the Biopharmaceutical sector CINFA (Spain´s generic medicine sales leader) and it´s the reason why a smaller companies ecosystem has been created around it (IDIFARMA, 3P Biopharmaceuticals, Geiser Pharma…).

A dozen of Health Technology and Equipment companies are also placed in Navarre

The Society for the Development of Navarre (SODENA) participates in several Investment Funds specialized in the Bio-Health Sector, so, it could be part of new projects developed in Navarre as a co-investor.

This regional ecosystem offers the company that is placed in the Lekaroz Business Campus the opportunity to create and develop projects hand in hand with companies stablished in Navarre (potential clients, suppliers, collaborators…) and obtain specialized financing for the development of your projects.

It´s not just a casualty that the first company placed in the Lekaroz Business Campus operates in this sector: LOZY´S PHARMACEUTICALS SL.


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